Sunday Morning Feels

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a few of my faves 



A Case of you (cover) - James Wolpert

Vibe - hauntingly beautiful

When I saw James Wolpert perform this song live on the Voice, it instantly became one of my favorites. It still gives me chills to listen to it, and while it starts off slow, by the end I am always cranking the volume and belting my heart out. So grab a glass of wine, turn the TV off, and get ready for all the feeeels.

Michicant (cover) - kina grannis

Vibe - achy n' serene

To this day, Bon Iver songs are some of the most devastatingly beautiful I've ever heard.  I am especially happy when someone covers their work because I can actually hear just how magically poetic the lyrics are. Kina Grannis is definitely one of my go-tos, and she absolutely does this song justice.

Sanctuary - Lennon & Maisy

Vibe - heartwarming and intimate

I always imagine myself singing this to my future children at night. This song tugs on my heartstrings every time without fail, and made one of my best friends cry when I played it for her on a road trip, so at least I know I'm not alone!

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Sunday morning feels

Whether you are catching up on work, lounging off a hangover, or just enjoying a lazy Sunday, you always need some great music to get you through the day. Folllow my playlist on Spotify to listen to the whole "Sunday Morning Feels" selection and see what tunes I'm groovin' to!

I would love to know what your faves are in the comments below! 

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