Sunday Morning Feels

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a few of my faves 



Same drugs (cover) - Tatiana manaois

Vibe - frisky n' reflective

Not only is this cover beautifully sung, but this song perfectly captures that feeling you get when you come face to face with someone you used to be close to in the past. Not only do you compare them to who they used to be, but you also find yourself remembering who you used to be the last time you were together. 

Use Somebody (cover) - boyce avenue, hannah trigwell

Vibe - Quiet n' sweet

I've always enjoyed this song, but it wasn't until I heard this cover that I really got a feel for the desperate passion in the lyrics. You will notice that I am obsessed with cover songs, not necessarily because I think those versions are better, but because hearing the same song in a different voice often reveals a hidden message in the lyrics you can only really see/feel with a certain voice.

heavenly day - Patty Griffin

Vibe - soft n' uplifting

Patty Griffin is one of my all-time favorites, especially this song. You can hear in her iconic inflections that she knows just how tough life can be and how low our spirits can sink, but she uses the power in her voice to lift us up while we listen, whether we like it or not. 

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Sunday Morning Feels

Whether you are catching up on work, lounging off a hangover, or just enjoying a lazy Sunday, you always need some great music to get you through the day. Folllow my playlist on Spotify to listen to the whole "Sunday Morning Feels" selection and see what tunes I'm groovin' to!

I would love to know what your faves are in the comments below! 

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